10 Awesome Vancouver Dishes to Make You Ditch That Detox

BC Living contributor Nikki Bayley has high praise for our Lobster Poutine – referring to it as “Food of the Gods”

Here is more of what she had to say about ours and nine other local offerings that will have you rethinking any detox.

Lobster Poutine“How much does inner peace cost? Well, at WildTale, $6 at happy hour or $9 (as a special request) at dinner. Small coin indeed to satisfy your soul with a bowl of the Food of the Gods: lobster poutine. Fat chunks of juicy lobster swim happily with crisp Yukon Gold fries in a  rich buttery lobster gravy, and generously anointed with cheese curds and Grano Padano cheese. A single bowl has the power to turn around even the ugliest day.”


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