Giving Back


Snacks for Kid – Vancouver Firefighter’s Charities Fundraiser – with The Flying Pig and WildTale

Not many things bring us more joy than to have kids visit our restaurant with their parents. We do our utmost to make them feel truly welcome. Whether young diners are adventurous enough to try food items they’ve never had before or choose to eat something they are more familiar with, we couldn’t be happier their parents chose to bring them to WildTale. It is hard to believe that some kids don’t always have enough nutritious choices, especially with their school lunches. That’s why we are delighted to work with Vancouver Firefighters Charities and their Snacks for Kids Program.

Vancouver Firefighters Charities main goal with Snacks for Kids is to make sure that every kid that needs it has access to a nutritious snack bar (nut free), a non-perishable juice box, and a fruit option each day so they are able to learn and thrive in school.

We couldn’t agree more and are proud to join VFC in moving to accomplish that goal.

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snacks for kids from jjtopham on Vimeo.