WildTale: Seafood restaurant sets anchor in Yaletown

wildtale-cobb-feature-984x500If you’re lucky enough to talk with restaurateur John Crook, you can sit right back and hear the tale of how his latest endeavour, WildTale, got its start.

Crook, along with fellow chef and business partner Erik Heck, operates Vancouver’s beloved Flying Pig restaurants, and while his culinary life has taken him on many journeys within the city and abroad, the idea for WildTale began exactly in the Yaletown space it currently occupies.

In its most recent past, the space at 1079 Mainland was the Glowbal Grill, a lynchpin in what became a local dining mini-empire. It was also where Crook took his first chef job, and under the mentorship of Glowbal’s Emad Yacoub, was inspired to embrace the industry and push himself to learn all the facets of restaurant operations.

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