The Wandering Eater – Tina Wong – Reviews WildTale

Fantastic Seafood at Wild Tale (Vancouver, B.C.) Wild Tale is a fairly new seafood restaurant founded by co-owners John Crook and Erik Heck. In recent years, they’ve made a name with their crowd-pleasing Flying Pig restaurants. The whole concept… Read More

Vancouver’s 5 Tastiest Restaurant Openings Of 2015

Carolyn Heller of Forbes Travel Guide has some nice things to say about recently open Vancouver restaurants, including our own WildTale. “Vancouver had a banner 2015 for restaurant openings as fresh places to eat and drink cropped up all… Read More

10 Awesome Vancouver Dishes to Make You Ditch That Detox

BC Living contributor Nikki Bayley has high praise for our Lobster Poutine – referring to it as “Food of the Gods” Here is more of what she had to say about ours and nine other local offerings that… Read More

Vancouver dining trends in 2015: The good, the bad and the annoying

ALEXANDRA GILL The Globe and Mail Published Friday, Dec. 25, 2015 9:58PM EST Below is an excerpt  from a recent posting on the Globe and Mail website. (You can find a link to the full article later in this… Read More

Wildtale Presents Sunday Lobster Suppers

 A Homage to the Maritimes We’re excited to be able to offer our guests a snapshot of the Maritimes right in the heart of Vancouver.  Lobster Suppers are longstanding community traditions in the Maritimes and draw people from… Read More

The VanMag Review: WildTale

The impresarios behind the Flying Pig turn their attention to seafood—lots of it. A poetic circularity brings colleagues John Crook and Erik Heck back to the Yaletown address that houses WildTale. The two chefs/entrepreneurs used to work in… Read More

WildTale: Seafood restaurant sets anchor in Yaletown

If you’re lucky enough to talk with restaurateur John Crook, you can sit right back and hear the tale of how his latest endeavour, WildTale, got its start. Crook, along with fellow chef and business partner Erik Heck, operates… Read More

Yaletown’s WildTale offers up the bounty of all coasts

A love of all things local has been one of the greatest trends to take root in the city’s restaurant industry over the last decade—but a new spot in Yaletown is doing things a little differently. While showcasing… Read More

Old Man and the Sea

Our adaptation of a Classic There was once… Many years ago, an old man who sailed out to sea. The sky was still dark, it was not yet dawn. Small waves lapped at the side of the old… Read More